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Ambals Explosives


  • Ambals Explosives Private Limited, keeping pace with the trends and applications of the explosive needs, their nomenclature variants suitable to specific applications that help to supply the right explosive materials to the clients and makes assured transportation of the same.
  • AEPL Intrachem Company is committed for Precision, Quality and Timely delivery with a strong sourcing platform helps to keep supply and serve all your Explosive Needs. Click on the categories below to check our products

Our Products

Civil Explosives

  • Small and Large Dia Emulsions, All type of Detonators, Detonating Cords, Safety Fuses, etc...  Read More

High Sensitive Explosives

  • Explosive Materials that can be caused to detonate by means of a blasting cap.A few examples of high explosives would be boosters, detonators,dynamite,water gels/slurries and emulsions.etc..,

Raw Materials, Accessories And Machineries

  • Ammonium Nitrate, Emulsifier. Electric detonator wires, Fuse heads, Megger Box, Ohm meter, Portable Magazines, etc...  Read More