We are associated with all the major manufacturers in India. We can supply Civil Explosives in all ranges of prices and quality depending on needs. The continuous monitoring of product quality is a prerequisite for the company's growth and customer's satisfaction. Our Company being in the field for over 3 decades has assured that products supplied by us are QUALITY BEYOND COMPARISON.

Our Company is pioneer in the transportation of explosives in India. Our vast experience in the field of transportation of explosives enables us to guarantee the customer a maximum reliability and on-time delivery.

The Success can be attributed to the support extended by our Manufacturers and our Customers. We have an excellent network for supply of explosives in all categories from India and China... Depending on your needs.

All Emulsions, Electric Detonators, Non-electric Detonators, Fuses, Blasting caps, Detonating Cords, Black Powder, Non-Explosive calcium Hydroxide(c2) etc.,