Cracking chemical is an environmental friendly non-explosive rock cracking chemical is popular in the international quarrying and demolishing market. When mixed with clean and cold water to be mortar and poured into pre-drilling holes of rock and concrete, it swells and exerts expansive capabilities on the hole-wall at a unit value of more than 50 Mpa (500kg/cm2) which is strong enough to cut and crack concrete, marble and granite after a certain period with no noise, no vibration, no ash, no toxic gas and no flying rocks. It is safe, environmental friendly, non-explosive, no need to train professional personnel, easy to use and controllable.


Granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, quartzite quarrying and cutting. Rocks pre-splitting, fracture, cut, demolish and removal. Concrete structures demolition and rocks removal when explosion not allowed. Fractu-constrcution, demolition of the concrete buildings and structures and Rocks cutting for road

Technical Information

The cracking chemical appears to be grayish white powder and be composed of multi-structured inorganic particles. There is no content of any harmful composition.

  • The expansive stress of the Cracking chemical reaches maximum value in about 24 hours of reaction, however, it still increase afterwards.
  • The expansive stress of Cracking chemical would decrease if water ratio increases.
  • The expansive stress of Cracking chemical would grow up with rising temperature.
  • The expansive stress of Cracking chemical would be higher if the diameter of pre-drilled hole is bigger