Small Dia Emulsion Explosives
Type Small Diameter Non Permitted Emulsion Explosives
Product Name Small Diameter 25mm, 32mm,40mm
Properties Nominal Density(g/cc) 1.15 ± 0.08
Velocity of
Detonation (m/s)
4000 ±400
Cartridge Size Dia x length (mm) 25 x 185 25 x 210 32 x 235 40 x 300
Weight 110g 125g 200g 300g
Applications Blasting in Quarries, Metalliferrous mines, Tunneling, Excavation, Well Sinking etc.,
Large Dia Emulsion Explosives
Type Large Diameter Cap Sensitive and Non Cap Sensitive
Product Name Large Diameter 83mm,125m,200mm
Properties Nominal Density
1.20 ±0.10
Velocity of Detonation(m/s) Unconfined 4500 ± 400
Cartridge Sizes Dia x length(mm) Weight 83x450

Applications As cord sensitive booster charge in open cast mines and quarries and also as column/base charge in non cap sensitive application
Seismic Explosives (CPT)
Type Prime CPT
Product Name Primex

Relative Weight
Strength (% ANFO)
120 - 125
Properties Normal Density g/cc 1.20 to 0.05
Velocity of detonation m/sec 4500 ± 300

Relative Bulk
Strength (% ANFO)
170 - 175
Cartridge Diameter (mm) 63mm & 76
sizes Weight 0.50KG, 1.00KG, 2.00KG, 2.50KG
Applications These explosives have high velocity of detonation, high energy and high density. These explosives can withstand high hydrostatic pressure in underwater blasting. These are packed in couplable tubes
Electric Detonators
Type Copper Electric Detonators, Aluminium Electric detonators
Product Name Special Electric Detonators (ED), Short Delay Detonators(SDD), Long Delay Detonators(LDD)
Delays LDD -Long Delay Detonators of 0 to 10 of 300ms nominal interval etc., SDD Short Delay Detonators of 0 to 10 of 25 ms nominal Interval
Features Lead wire 1.8m, can be made to desired length 2.5m 3.0m 5.0m
Resistance 2.9 - 5.0 ohms 3.6 - 6.4 ohms 4.2 -7.3 ohms 6.3 - 11.1 ohms
Packing Per Case 1500,1000 (For Delays)
Applications Instantaneous Electric shell for blasting applications,       Steel and
Copper Shells for underground coalmines
Non Electric Detonators (NONEL)
Type Non Electric Initiating System
Product Name Non Trunk Line Delay (TLD), Down The Hole (DTH) and
Twin Det(TD)
Delays 175, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450ms
In Hole: 175, 200, 250, 400, 450m. Surface 17, 25, 42, 65, 100ms.
Trunkline delay: 17, 25, 42, 65, 100ms
3-30 tube
5-25m tube
3-12m tube
2-7m tube
Packing Per Case No Varies with tube length, 100 for Non-Electric delays for cord trunkline.
Non-Electric down-the-hole millisecond delay detonators for open cast times and quarrying, dual detonator for in-hole and surface delay, Non-Electric long period delay detonator for tunneling, Non-Electric detonators delays for cord trunkline.
Detonating Fuses
Type Detonating Fuses
Product Name PETN Core load 5 gms, 7.5 gms, 10 gms, 12 gms, 20 gms
Features Velocity of Detonation varies with core load.
Packing Per Case 2 reels each of 500 m or 4 reels 250 m each
Priming and surface connection in all kinds of blasting
Applications except underground coal mines. It can also be used as surface
connections with Non electric Initiating cords
Type Cast Booster
Product Name Primex
Delays NA
Features 100g,150g,250g,400g and 500g sizes
Packing Per Case 22.5kg
Applications Primex fomon cap sensitive explosives
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